Friday, January 15, 2010

Empty The Front Battery Box

Since the new lithium batteries all fit in the rear box this front box can now be empty.

With everything unplugged it's easy to remove the controller and set the A/C pump gently on the towel that protects the fender. I'm careful not to move the vacuum lines for the brake system when I set the pump assembly down on the reservoir.

BIG CAUTION HERE! - I always unhook the short wires between battery #1 and #2 first. The same thing on battery #4 and #5, remove the short wire FIRST! If you don't and instead you try to take the bolt out of the opposite end first, be ready for sparks, fire, and/or expensive replacements. The same concern applies in the rear battery box in several places.

The last picture shows that the stock cables are long enough to make a solid connection in the middle of the newly emptied front box. I coated the cable ends and bolt parts with anti-corrosive, then heat-shrink wrapped the connection. Then to make sure the connection never touches anything metal I taped and zip tied two layers of flexible foam padding around the connection. I should not need to open this front box ever again.

With 340 pounds of old lead removed the front end now sits 3/4" higher.