Monday, January 25, 2010

Fitting the Puzzle Pieces

With all the cells in their compression plates I had to re-arrange things a little. I tried several different arrangements and this one looks like the best. The positive cable connects to the upper left, the negative connects mid-way on the left so the stock cables in the Force easily reach the terminals. The Solectria fused cable will make the jump from the middle five sets to the rear two sets. The stock battery box lid fits nicely. I'm making this lead-to-lithium switch as simple as possible.

The warming pad is under the front batteries and the little black box with the temperature control is next to the cells. I like the idea of having a fuse in the front compartment so I'm using the stock Solectria fused cable to jump between these two packs instead of using the copper bar. I reversed the orientation of the four cells on the passenger side. The pink foam sheet is easy to work with if you use a new knife blade. My local hardware stores don't stock 2" thick sheets anymore so I used 1" foam.