Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mounting the Charger

I made a mount for the NG3 charger using two of the original rubber mounts. I'll put another rubber pad under the third leg. The fourth attach point is to the structural support on the inside of the trunk side wall. There is room to get behind it and put a nylock nut on the backside. A thick piece of rubber between the mounting bracket arm and the trunk beam will have to be enough vibration dampening.

The charger has good airflow and the cables are well clear of the moving trunk hinge. It's 3/4" away from the BMS case so heat should not be a problem, the BMS has an internal cooling fan on the side. **Note: I always pop the trunk open while charging. If I ever needed to charge while away from home I'd lean the back seat forward to allow more cooling air.** The Zivan comes with a 6' long power cord (grey). I only need 6" to reach the orange plug from the BMS so I'm thinking about shortening the cord to 1 foot. I'd still be able to plug into an extension cord if the BMS ever quit.